Atithi deb Bhabha

Atithi deb Bhabha

Since ancient times, Indian culture there was a proverb “Atithi deb Bhabha”. Based on this Sanskrit proverb is a little different from many other countries, according to the Indian hotels, the guests, who are coming to their hotel Treat them as their God. Which attract tourists around the world. The second fastest growing business after the information technology in India is hotel business. And this hotels are changing the type of business, rather than continuously. In the near Past, we could see Indian hotels writing their guests details in the exercise book. There was lots of time hotel staff usually spend for doing this. The guests were annoyed by the formalities, and the likelihood of mistakes would have been very much. In the whole world, the way to store guests’ information is changing rather than the usual. Also, this matter is changing in India every moment. The hotels in the whole world are saving them details of their guests, through the software. Likewise, almost every major Indian hotel is also moving towards software dependence on the conservation of details of their guests. But there are all the software in the market is seeking the hotel. A Software easy to handle. Bookeex,which has already served over 400+ hotels. Enhance hotel services to make your hotel services easy. This is not our statement. That’s our liability. Bookeex makes your hotel work 100% easier than any other software.

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