Some basic mistake for hoteliers

Some basic mistake for hoteliers

Durga Puja is the greatest festival for Bengalis and in West Bengal too. So a hotel must be ready for this gorgeous occasion. Rooms must have to be beautiful, shiny, and eager to welcome new guests. In a popular tourist destination hotelier expect the bookings to fly in by themselves, but they don’t. It has happened to many hoteliers at some point in their careers.

The type of mistake Hoteliers made did it just affect hoteliers, or did it also affect customers? In the Hotel industry almost everything revolves around the customer, and they’re the quickest end to point out any flaws. There’s also plenty of times where A hotelier might simply self-sabotage and fail to get the most out of hotel business.

1. Inadequate basic contact information about hotels:

A website with a fancy design and stunning features means nothing to the customer if they can’t find Proper hotel address or phone number on the homepage. The basics are something every hotel must get right before anything else.

2. Inappropriate use of social media:

A common mistake hoteliers make maximum time is sending website visitors away to their social media channels immediately after a visitor has landed on the homepage. How many people are going to be coming back once they’ve been redirected to YouTube for instance.

3. Lacking attention to detail in housekeeping:

One of the most common complaints from guests is about dirty rooms of the hotel. There should never be any shortcutting when it comes to housekeeping and cleaning. Not only is it a healthy and safety issue, but hoteliers open themselves up to a flood of negative reviews.

4. Not paying close attention to seasonality:

The people are prepared to pay for the hotels room will depend on the supply and demand trends. Seasonality matters and hoteliers have to change rates a number of times during the year to reflect buying behavior and market conditions.

5. Closing ears and mouth to feedback:

Reviews are one of the most important aspects to get right for hotel. Customer satisfaction and brand reputation are vital if hoteliers want to keep the bookings coming in.

The worst thing hotelier can do is stay silent online when people leave reviews and feedback on social media pages. They need to respond diligently to both positive and negative reviews.

A Property Management System generally based on cloud. It can simplify these entire problems. As through Bookeex hoteliers can declare sales, offers for season time. Bookeex inform hoteliers about housekeeping status after every checkout. And as its store guest information’s so anyone’s can impress guest using previous history.

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