Cloud based system- Bookeex

Cloud based system- Bookeex

Cloud based system enables the computing infrastructure and services to be available over internet. This provide many benefits to organization, such as scale-ability, measured use, reduced set up time etc. cloud infrastructure may be private, public and hybrid. Cloud service are provided as an infrastructure (Iaas), a platform (PaaS) or software (SaaS). Migration to cloud services entails challenges and opportunities. The economic rationale of moving to cloud services includes avoiding capital expenses and purchasing capacity on an incremental basis.

Types of cloud service models:

1. Infrastructure as a service: the Iaas model is based on providing data center facilities to clients over the internet. This model is offered by firms such as amazon web service.

2. Platform as a service: the PaaS facility provided user with a number of tools and packages which an IT solution can be built and deployed on the cloud. The PaaS model builds on and extends the Iaas model, where special software is included over the above infrastructure.

3. Software as a services: It is one of the oldest and best known ways of offering services over the cloud. Almost all internet user are familiar with applications such as email that are often provided free. These applications are available to anybody with an internet connection and a browser. These application provide their full functionality regardless to the type of hardware or operating system from where they are accessed.

Bookeex is another example of SaaS product that has rich functionality and complete almost directly with desktop applications. Hospitality industry rely on SaaS model. Because SaaS is an easy to use software, so Bookeex need only a web browser to run it like other SaaS application.

SaaS is so cheap in price module so that it is more affordable for any small scale industry too. It can be easily scaled up to meet customer demand so that Bookeex can be customized easily. As Bookexx stored data in cloud so that it is free from data loss tendency.

Saas is a low cost on maintenance software, and almost no need of additional hardware purchase. Combined with lower start-up cost and a faster return on investment!

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