Some facility a hotel can offer to attract the guest

Some facility a hotel can offer to attract the guest

Hotels always have urged to attract new guests to their property. In this situation they have faced a lot of challenges in today’s competitive market. To get a remarkable number of returning guest some exciting offers will be the key movement. Like a lucrative discount of room rent or on food bill they are going to have on hotels on premise restaurant on returning guests birthday or anniversary date or off season, some spa discount offer, swimming pool, pet care zone, Kids play/ care zone, Gaming zone.

  1. Swimming Pool:

Guests always love to stay at a hotel or resort that has a pool. No matter where the hotel is located, a swimming pool must be attractive to travelers, after a long day of traveling or sightseeing, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool. Pools are also one of the most promising facilities that can boost the hotel’s turnover.

2. Spa Facilities:

Another guest attracting facility is Spa, A hotel with the primary purpose of providing individual services and treatments for Spa seeking clients, offer facilities like steam, sauna, fitness facilities, and a swimming pool. Spa area invites Guests to relax and enjoy themselves after an active holiday.

3. Kids Care/ Play Zone:

If you want to grow your business then use guest feelings or emotions as your USP.Creating a colorful looking play area with numerous fun activities for kids in a hotel will attract some family guest to your hotel.

4. Gaming Zone:

Hotels can create a gaming zone which offers several games such as a Pool Table, Snooker, and Bowling Games. These games can be offered as solo games as well as in package. Hotels can regularly add new popular games and take feedback from guests in order to improve the whole gaming setup. This facility could attract more guests in off season too.

5. Surprise your customer:

The most lucrative ideas to attract Customers is do research on returning customers and offer them some discounts at the time of check out as they are visiting the hotel on their birthday or anniversary. This way they can use guest’s sentiments to increase business.

A Property Management system can be a great help in this case.

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