Chat bot

Create your advanced chatbot to engage customers for Different purposes . Always be a front runner and Stay ahead in the competition in terms of customer interaction, availability, and convenience. Add the Power of AI to Impress your customer .

We can build chatbot using
  • Google dialogflow.
  • Microsoft LUIS framework.
  • Chatbot.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Text, Image and Voice based BOTs.
  • Supervised training to understand and respond to queries.
  • Easy customization to adapt to business processes.
Omni Channel Experience

  • Establish BOTs at all user interface touch points - web, mobile.
  • Ready integration with third party platforms - CRM, ERP, ECM , WEBSITE PMS , POS platforms.
  • Ready authentication on AD/LDAP.
Our BOTs built on various framework

  • Add fast and effective NLP capabilities to BOTS.
  • Understands users' intents and entities.
  • Easily adaptable to existing or pre-built models to create specialized models on its own.
  • Design knowledge BOTs to provide information instantly.

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