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"We offer full-cycle IoT application development and cover all stages of an IoT architecture and development Process. We will handle the development of your IoT-capable software starting from requirements development all the way to support and evolution.”

IoT Solutions & Development

Today, Internet of Things advanced technology connects people, machines, processes, and systems onto one technology-enabled network. A number of enterprises and organizations are ready to unleash the potential of this powerful technology that will redefine the way we interact with other humans, machines, and devices.

Bargad Software Solutions offers technologically advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and application, allowing your business to get maximum benefits of IoT technology. Outline your business needs and we will identify whether IoT is the right way to fulfill them.

IoT Consulting

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most powerful disruptive forces to the way Emerging businesses are shaping their future. It represents the new innovation and Automation that is giving rise to a new digital economy – an economy of interconnected things that are sensing, tracking, measuring and driving business opportunities and decisions.

Clearly, your organization’s investment in IoT requires expertise that delivers on the promise of an impactful business transformation and helps new opportunities evolve for you. This is where our IoT consulting services come into the picture. Unlike most IoT consulting firms, we help organization to plan ,develop ,manage the entire IoT implementation .

BSS IoT Consulting & advisory services help you embark on the IoT Journey. Facilitating in the assessment of your organizational readiness of bringing new technology trend , technology stack, domain-based value chain mapping, roadmap creation, business case preparation to complete Go-to-market strategy. Weill guide our customer form end to end journey .


With 15 years of experience in IT and 4 years in IoT, BSS offer full cycle IoT application development and which cover all aspect of an IoT architecture. We will handle the development of your IoT-enable software starting from requirements engineering all the way to support and evolution.

We develop IoT applications for Hardware and Software product companies including those engaged with the development of SaaS based applications and smart home products, as well as design, develop and implement IoT-capable enterprise applications.

Our data science engineers have vast experience in implementing smoothly functioning and well performing machine learning-driven applications .

IoT Analysis

IoT analytics is the application of data analysis tools and procedures to realize value from the huge volumes of data generated by connected Internet of Things devices

The potential of IoT analytics is often discussed in relation to the Industrial IoT. The IoT Connected Data analytics tools makes it possible for organizations to collect and analyze data from various sensors on manufacturing equipment, pipelines, weather stations, smart meters, delivery trucks and other types of machinery. IoT analytics offers similar benefits for the management of data centers and other facilities, as well as retail and healthcare applications.

Our AI based analytic platform built on a powerful architecture, can process more than 50,000 transactions per second on a single server. Realstream analytics is increasingly being used in real-time fraud detection, preventive maintenance of devices, asset tracking, and location based customer targeting to name a few.

In addition to 60+ connectors, we also have a special connector called 'Web Socket Connector' through which, we can directly connect to a device (typical legacy devices) through socket connection.

IoT Solution

  • Guestroom automation for room service improvements
  • Smart hotel maintenance
  • Cross property integration
  • In-room features
  • Energy management
  • Location-Based Information
  • Electronic Key Cards
  • Voice-Controlled Customer Service

As the whole world is under great depression for proper medical care, but IoT in healthcare gives much comfort. The population is increasing with time, and it will be so much tough shortly to provide appropriate treatment. The use of IoT healthcare solutions reduces cost and drives the treatment to home-centric.

  • Emergency drones
  • Monitoring in-patients’ health
  • Optimizing care processes
  • Indoor GPS and medical devices
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Hospital Operations Management
  • Connected Inhaler
  • Glucose Monitoring
  • Smar Hearing Aid
  • Smart Watches for Depression
  • Cancer Detection by IoT Devices
  • Ingestible Sensors
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Hand Hygiene Monitoring
  • Efficient Drug Management
  • Gps Smart Sole
  • Body Scanning
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Nurse Assistant Robot
  • Interactive Learning
  • Security
  • Poster boards into IoT enabled boards
  • Learning at any time and anywhere
  • Bye Bye to Chalkboards
  • Attendance Monitoring System
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Checkout
  • Personalized Discounts
  • In-store Layout Optimization
  • Beacons :In the retail industry, this means customers can receive discounts, special events, or other reminders when they’re near a shop and have previously downloaded the store’s app.
  • Robot Employees
  • Optimizing Supply Chain Management
  • Personalized Discounts
  • Smart Shelves :A lot of your employees’ time and energy is focused on keeping track of items to ensure they’re never out-of-stock, and checking that items aren’t misplaced on various shelves.Smart shelves are fitted with weight sensors and use RFID tags and readers to scan the products on both display and stock shelves. Smart Shelves inform you when items are running low or when items are incorrectly placed on a shelf, which makes your inventory process cost-effective and more precise.
  • OCR
  • Image processing
  • Pattern Recognition

Industries We Serve

Smart Home
Smart City
Hospitality (Hotel)

IoT Application Development Process We Follow

Why Hire BSS for Your IoT Needs?

At Bargad Software Solutions, we have an experienced team of IoT developers, who offers advanced quality IoT solutions to suffice your business requirements. Here, we have been providing IoT consulting, IoT Architecture, Module Development and Testing Services with a roadmap to transform your business into the smart enterprise.

Our client-centric approach allows us to give you dynamic solutions to enhance your customer satisfaction and requirements. BSS has already helped enormous clients worldwide by unlocking the real power of the Internet of Things and how this technology can help their business to transform.

So, if you have decided to go smart with the Internet of Things development, get in touch with us for the optimal solution!


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