Technical Resource Augmentation

Technical Resource Augmentation

Technical Resource Augmentation

Bring your project over the finish line with specialized skill sets. get the exact resources you need, when and how you need them.


Why Choose Us as your
Technical Resource Augmentation Provider?

More Expertise,
Less Cost

As the features and capabilities of CRM evolve and expand, organizations are taking on more complex and longer-term projects to maximize its applications. Our Staff Augmentation services help you meet these growing demands by supplementing your current staff with technical experts available to help when, and how, you need them. Grow your CRM offerings, reduce resource and operational costs and expand your ability to meet rigorous deadlines, budgets and customer expectations—all on your time, budget and terms.

Reduced Overhead
and Onboarding

When your team requires additional assistance beyond its current operation, a common response is to look to full-time employees (FTE) to bridge the gap and provide the labor and knowledge needed. However, the expenses, resources and manpower required to complete the FTE hiring process can be overwhelming, especially on mission-critical projects driven by tight timeframes and deadlines. The onboarding process, including recruitment activities, job site advertisements, paperwork, interviews, background/credential checks and more, requires valuable time from multiple departments that can often deflect attention from important tasks.

Once hired, the overhead costs associated with maintaining a full-time employee, including insurance, benefits, leave and taxes, are often burdensome, especially if the worker is only needed for a set amount of time. By augmenting your staff on an as-needed basis with Tokara Solutions’ skilled CRM experts, your organization can lessen these administrative and financial burdens and set budgets easier, as we take care of all the up-front managerial and organizational requirements ourselves.

Flexible Staffing

Projects aren’t static. They’re living, moving entities in a constant state of ebb and flow. To that end, staff augmentation services are flexible and enable your team to add or reduce technical resources as the project demands, without the cumbersome and time-consuming task of out-processing required by FTEs. Tokara Solutions can quickly provide skilled experts to meet a variety of business needs and use cases, so rigorous deadlines are more manageable and workloads better allocated. This adaptability ensures your team never falls behind, increasing customer satisfaction rates and encouraging repeat business.

Skill Sets

Our Salesforce and Pivotal CRM personnel are trained as experts in their field, ensuring your organization has access to highly specialized knowledge needed to complete each project. This expertise also eliminates the time and resources required to research and find specific IT credentials, which can often prove tricky for HR professionals without a specific context or frame of reference. The adaptability of staff augmentation means you can hire exactly who you need for the task at hand, with defined proficiencies met and supported by our technical professionals.

More Control,
Less Risk

Augmentation provides total visibility into your teams’ performance and operation, allowing your organization to maintain control over projects and their outcomes. From major assignments to minor task reallocations, your management holds total jurisdiction. Our augmented employees integrate into your existing business processes and practices, reducing the opportunity for internal conflict.

Not only does this teamwork help ensure against project downtime as employees are added or removed, it provides a single, unified face to your customers and reduces affiliation confusion. Additionally, in-house control greatly reduces the risks and liabilities typically associated with traditional outsourcing, in which power and oversight is often kept with the hired resource until the project’s end.

Internal Skills
Transfer and Acceptance

While our employees may only work with your organization for a set amount of time, the skills and knowledge we can share with your internal teams may prove invaluable. With 10+ years of top-tier CRM experience, Tokara Solutions can provide skilled personnel whose end goal is not only project completion, but imparting and transferring technical understanding to your existing staff. As these employees are not vying for full-time positions, they do not pose a threat to organizational structures, and are more widely embraced by inside staff as experts trained, and ready, to help.

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